Make sure that your scooters are roadworthy. Visit 2211Works for a complete scooter check-up!

Make sure that your scooters are roadworthy. Visit 2211Works for a complete scooter check-up!






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eyeScootering is an endeavor with extraordinary broad appeal. There are all kinds of social reasons to ride them: rallies, coffee runs, Saturday rides with friends, flirting. There are also some practical reasons to ride them: scooters save gas, park, easily and reduce the wear and tear on expensive cars. Some people use scooters to pinch pennies. Others pinch every penny so that they can spread them on scooters. The latter are the folks were talking about here.
On of the many factors that make the North American scooter scene exciting is the vast array of colorful characters one encounters at rallies, races, and meets, not to mention local scooter shops, Scooterists are young and old, gay and straight, conservative and radical, male and female, skinny and fat, tattooed amd not-so-tattoed,all sipping from the same cup-scootering

What’s Your Type?
For some, scooters are the basis of a lifestyle, while to others scooter simply fit neatly on the periphery. For those involved in a group identified largely by its fashion. Such as mods, the scooter is sometimes an accessory, part of the look. For a scooter girl, a restorer, or a racer, the scooter is at the center of the culture. Other tastes, such as fashion and music, are secondary. Most of their free time, and extra money, are spent on scooters. To the old man the scooter scene is a fountain of youth, a chance to stay up too late rapping with the people half their age. They keep their scooters clean and well maintained but they tend to focus their time on planning trips and organizing events rather than on acquiring more scooters.
Different elements within the scootering community value scooters somewhat differently, yet the little machines possess the power to draw people together. Scootering welcomes the masses- from yuppies to freaks, from rude boys to rockers, from ravers to hippies- in a wonderful way. It must be the two-stroke fumes.
It’s almost impossible to draw a picture of a typical scooterist. Despite this, certain “scooterist stereotypes” have emerged. These were cleverly captured in the series of collector’s cards stuffed into issues of Scoot! Quarterly. These “ Scooter Stereotype Collector Cards” were illustrated by Dave Ross and captured for the very first time, a funny yet spot-on snapshot of some characters who help make up the North American scooter scene. Inspired by the cards, let us acquaint ourselves with some scooterists who loosely fit these stereotypes and some who resemble them to a tee.from Chapter 3 Can You See The Real Me (Red Eyes White Walls & Blue Smoke) By Coli Shattuck with Eric Peterson