Posted in CNN. Piaggio is at it again and now making waves in the U.S.! Due to increase of fuel prices of more than $4.00 a gallon, Americans are now switching to a new mode of transportation.  No, not a motorcycle but they call it the Motor Scooter!   Piaggio leads the way in introducing a […]

The Italian oil company, AGIP is back again in business in the Philippines!  Not only are they active in the automotive and industrial field,  they are now also going into the motorcycle industry.  AGIP is back and now have introduced in the country their new line of motorcyle oils: AGIP Formula Moto City Hi-tec 4T […]

History of Piaggio and Motorscooters

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Bob Darnell and Bob Golfen Small Changes Though updated many times over the years, the shape of every Vespa scooter is basically the same, from its contoured steel apron to its low, rounded-off rear. The steady progression of change in the details and mechanical parts endow every Vespa model with its own character, its own […]

MEETING THE CHALLENGE THROUGH CONTINUITY Two riders in the 250 class. Roberto Locatelli and Marco Simoncelli, two top names for an all-Italian challenge. The Metis Gilera Racing Team comes to the starting line of the 2007 world motorcycling championship with an exciting project whose keyword is continuity. Once again, the colours on the Gilera bikes […]

There was a record turnout for the 40th edition of this huge international Vespa rally. Thousands of fans peacefully invaded Turin to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Vespa, the world�s most famous scooter, which motorised generations of youngsters and has sold over 16 million units to date.

On Tuesday 19 December, the 100,000th Vespa scooter to be assembled in 2006 came off the production lines. An impressive result that had not been achieved for 16 years previously, the production milestone reflects the outstanding success of one of Italy�s most celebrated brands. The Vespa success story is no less important in terms of […]